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mybigfatgleerpg | TAKEN & WANTED CHARACTERS

See our CHARACTER MAP for a more detailed look at who our characters are and where they are from.

The characters BOLDED are those other players have requested and who would love to fill as priority.

- Kurt Hummel
- Blaine Anderson
- Rachel Berry
- Finn Hudson
- Artie Abrams
- Tina Cohen-Chang
- Noah "Puck" Puckerman
- Santana Lopez
- Brittany S. Pierce
- Mike Chang
- Sam Evans
- Lauren Zizes
- Matt Rutherford
- Will Schuester
- Sue Sylvester
- Jesse St. James
- Burt Hummel
- Carole Hudson-Hummel
- April Rhodes

- Wes the Warbler (Dalton Academy)
- Nick the Warbler (Dalton Academy)
- Jeff The Warbler (Dalton Academy)
- Ethan Shaw (Dalton Academy)
- Lewis J. Cooper (Dalton Academy)
- Jackson Fraser (McKinley High)
- Anna Temple (McKinley High)
- Kimberly Snyder (McKinley High)
- Andrew Pearson (Carmel High)
- Audrey Hayes (Carmel High)
- Riley Campbell (Carmel High)
- Mercedes Jones
- Quinn Fabray
- Becky Jackson
- Holly Holliday
- Jacob Ben Israel
- Dave Karofsky
- Azimio Adams
- Emma Pillsbury
- Carl Howell
- David the Warbler
- Shelby Corcoran (Wanted for Rachel's mom)
- Sunshine Corazon
- Warbler OCs
- McKinley Cheerios, football players, student OCs
- Vocal Adrenaline OCs
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