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All games have rules, so please take a few minutes to read ours. They're not here to be a pain in the butt, they're here to hopefully keep pains in the butt from ruining our fun. Again, any question, please be in touch with the Mods.

Age Requirement
As to the nature of the TV and content that may be explored in the game, we have decided to set a player age requirement of 17 years or older. By submitting your application, we take it on honour that you are above this age and we will not be responsibile for underage peoples accessing adult-related material.

Character Limit
At this stage, we are setting a limit to ONE MAIN CANON character, ONE MINOR CANON character, and TWO ORIGINAL characters per player. This means, players are allowed up to four characters if they can ensure they have the time to commit to that level of interaction. MAIN characters generally refer to the New Directions students, Mr Schue, Sue, and Blaine. All others we classify as minor at this point.

Communication & Plotting
Communication is your friend. Contact other members via PM or chat to plot or request permissions with their characters. Building character-relations is the key to games like this. Even when you first join, feel free to contact other members and discuss the possibility of creating already existing relationships with other players so your entry into the game isn't all introduction and awkward conversation. It's really easy stuff, we promise. Any major plots must be approved by the mods.

First-person or Third-person Format
Both. We used first person interaction on walls, just like normal Facebook conversations. However, we also have a group for the purpose of third-person RP beyond what you see on Facebook. For example, you might like to play out a third-person scene with your characters at school, but then they log onto Facebook later and talk about it, which would be in first-person. We also have an avenue for you to write and post fic-type scenes for your characters. Basically, anything goes and we have something for everyone.

We do not allow applications for siblings of canon characters UNLESS a sibling has been referenced directly in canon. Even then, we will only accept such applications is the player of that canon character is comfortable with it and if there is a purpose for them to be in the Glee universe. For the moment, we have plenty of other characters available to apply for directly involved in the Glee universe without needing to have sibling OCs involved.

We do not have an activity requirement, per se. We expect that if you are joining us, you wish to be actively involved, however, if your character goes for fourteen (14) days without RP activity, we will contact you to see if you wish to keep the character Failing any response, your character will be put up for adoption. If you go on hiatus, please inform us. If you wish to leave, please inform us. It's just courtesy so that we know you're either still interested in staying, or so we can fill your place if you aren't.

Current Canon and Spoilers
We will function on real-time as per spoilers. Please DO NOT reference spoilers for future episodes anywhere within the game, in-characer or out-of-character. Being spoiled is a personal choice. However, as soon as the episode has aired, players are able to refer to what occurred in the episodes and RP in regards to that.

Adult Content
The teens are obviously dabbling in adult-related issues (ie, sex, alcohol). Because of this, we will allow adult-content in our game, but nothing harder than R rated, please. For more information on ratings, see HERE. This will be strictly enforced and any NC-17 related material will result in a warning and you wil be asked to remove it.

To Wank or not to Wank, that is the question
NOT TO. Bottom line. Any wank, abusive behaviour, character and/or player disrespect that is not for the purposes of being in-character will result in a warning. Anyone seen causing this sort of unrest within the game may be removed, depending on the seriousness of the event. But seriously, just don't. We're all here to have fun and RP, so lets keep it that way.
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